Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'd Rather Be Driving

In the past month we have taken two road trips as a family, in addition to various other small excursions. One thing is clear, being in the front passenger seat sucks. It might be worse to wedge myself in between the car seats in the back, but that isn't safe or really feasible; and, yes, the roof rack or trunk would be an improvement.


As the responsible adult not driving in the car you become the entertainer, the snack hander-outer, the plastic woman required to fetch things discarded and than desired in the most difficult to reach location from your perch. You are also asked to navigate, mediate, make assessments on when potty or lunch breaks are needed and give up your leg room for the aforementioned snacks, toys, drinks, and anything else that may be needed by other passengers at any point in time.

As with many families, whenever we are together in the car, the Hoos does the driving. I don't know why moms often give up the driver's seat (could be because it is easier than being critiqued?), but I need to rethink our approach. It would be nice to say, "Mommy is paying attention to the road, ask Daddy," but then I might have to field additional questions (e.g., where are the extra pacifiers? what snacks should I give them? why are you letting them drink milk in the car?) ...


Anonymous said...

I get horribly car sick if I don't drive, yet I still give up the driver's seat?? Not so sure why.


Tiffany said...

I sooooo hear you. I am ALWAYS stuck in the passenger's seat. I offer to drive all of the time but hubbys says he will. I get so sick and tired of the passenger's seat for all of the reasons you mentioned.

The name of your blog ties into this entry!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this entry! I can completely relate... for that reason, I'm already scoping out entertainment and snacks for our CT to ME to NC roadtrip in 5 weeks.

nallman said...

The good thing about this scenario is that on the rare occasion when my nerves are shot and I ask to drive, my husband doesn't even blink...he knows I mean business!

I laughed out loud with the "milk in the car" line. I read it and had deja vu! Why is it that hubby's can't tolerate food/drink in the car? It's just a car!