Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lessons Learned

The last few days have had some eye-opening moments:
  1. Don't be the last person to enter the room at a dinner party. Last night I went to a celebratory dinner for work. As I finished a conversation with a colleague at the cocktail hour, everyone was been shepherded in to the dining room. By the time I went to grab a seat, my options were limited and I ended up sitting at the "head" table. The one with all of the important people. And I was actually seated in between the two most important people - the leaders of the company acquiring my firm. They were lovely, but it was bizarre. I was the most junior person in the room. And while I can hold my own, I am not the sort of person that would purposely choose this seat for political reasons. Hopefully I won't see a pink slip today based on my performance
  2. The period from day care to bed is very busy. This was actually a lesson for the Hoos. Since I had the aforementioned event for work, he was on his own with the girls last night - day care pick up, after-school playground, dinner, baths and bed. When I called around 10:15 to let him know I was on my way home, one of the first things he said was, "I appreciate you. I haven't stopped all night. I am now cleaning up. I have no idea how you are done with all this, plus making us dinner by 9." Ah, that felt good.
  3. Free samples can often exceed expectations. Since I got home late, I needed an extra kick this morning, so I stopped by McDonald's for a sweet tea. As I pulled around to the drive through I noticed signs that said "Free Sample of McMocha 7am-10am". I was expecting a shot glass sized sample. This was so much better! My free mini-iced mocha was adorable and complete with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Highly recommended.
  4. Bathing suit shopping sucks less when you actually find a suit that fits. Yay! I got a new bathing suit for vacation next week. And, amazingly, I don't look lumpy, bumpy, old, or chubby. Not that it matters, since once I am on the beach with my kids I am focused more on them than what I look like, but it will still be nice to at least feel comfortable and somewhat attractive. There still won't be pictures.

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Wenderina said...

1. I'd laugh, but I'm counting on your new relationship with CEO & Pres to help me keep my job.

2. Nice! Next step - weekend away (or at least an overnight). Men have no idea do they? But they are handy during plumbing emergencies.

3. mmmm. May have to try that on my long Rochester drive.

4. Get out. My bathing suit adventure finally resulted in an "acceptable" choice, but I wouldn't say attractive. It was, however, better than the "cylinder of flesh" that the first suit yielded. Tummy control my ass.