Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Round and Round

How is it exactly that Mother Nature times things so that the only time there is a torrential downpour is when I have to be outside? As in getting from my office to the car, from my car to day care, from day care (with both girls!) to the car, from the car to the pediatrician's office.

Yes, if you read that closely, last night included a visit to the pediatrician. As I suspected AK's double ear infection did not clear up. We are trying a different antibiotic and hoping for the best. Poor little munchkin.

LP, on the other hand, LOVED the pediatrician's office. At one point I was trying to distract AK while we waited for the PA and took her out of the exam room to look out the windows at the sun (which came out shortly after we got into the building, natch). LP followed behind and insisted on closing the door to our room, "to keep people out." Of course, this meant that she didn't know which room was ours, so when she got bored with roaming the halls she attempted to get back into our room. Opening the wrong door.

She quickly closed it and I chastised her, "LP, you can't just go opening random doors."

"Mommy, how do you know that is Random's room? Who is Random?"

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