Monday, August 25, 2008

What was I Thinking?

This week I am home with both of my fantastic daughters for the entire week. Quite a way to ease back into work...or maybe this will help me WANT to return to work.

At 10 Dee has orientation for day care. She goes for half an hour today, an hour and a half tomorrow, and four hours on Wednesday. I can't really believe that my little munchkin is going to be in someone else's care. At least I have the three hickeys she gave me on my shoulder to keep her close. Sniff, sniff.

Good thing I have LP to keep me busy. As I type she is "painting" her hands with markers and using her hands as stamps to decorate paper. I just looked up and her feet have joined the fracas as well. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Oh, good luck to little Dee and Mama! It's tough, but LP will keep you way busy, especially with marker hands and feet!

KiKi said...

Just keep her away from Dee.
Or this could happen, lol: