Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm a Survivor

Seriously, I just lived through LP's worst ever tantrum. She found a ball at the playground and wanted it, didn't want it, didn't want to look at it, but didn't want to leave it, didn't want it in the car, didn't want anyone else to have it...sweet lord, why do children have so much energy to focus on negativity?

My strategy was to ignore her. Not sure if that is what is recommended, but it worked. She was ready for lunch after 45 minutes and only cried for 2 minutes before passing out into her nap.

On the bright side - Dee has started rolling over! She goes from her back to her belly repeatedly and even manages to get her hand out from underneath her and raise her head up. My precocious little one did well at school this morning, "She is so sweet" according to the note from her teacher. So far she has not shown any problems taking the bottle or adapting to the new environment. I am guessing that the infant room seems downright quiet after outlasting an LP tantrum.

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