Sunday, August 10, 2008


This weekend was packed with stuff. Way more stuff than I think we usually do in a couple of weekends.

Friday morning Dee and I walked to Leonard's and went shoe shopping. Mama got herself a hot pair of red heels. Friday afternoon LP, Dee, and I went to the Norwalk Maritime Center (aka Aquarium) with my in-laws and our visiting Hungarian family.

Saturday LP and the Hoos got their hair cut. Of course we went as a family so that I could take care of LP while the Hoos was attended to. LP was excellent and she was rewarded with a walk to the "cookie store" while the Hoos got his turn under the scissors. That afternoon the Hungarian contingent visited and we had a quick campfire so we could make smores.

The day concluded with a Bridgeport Bluefish game. We were in the first row behind homeplate. When we sat down the Hoos said, "See, this will be good for nursing, no one in front of us!" EXCEPT, of course, for the entire fielding team. Fortunately Dee slept most of the game and when I did feed her I was able to be discrete. I can not be blamed for the Bluefish giving up a five-run lead in the 9th (we left during the 6th inning).

This morning we took a family trip to Home Depot. After picking out light fixtures for our bedrooms LP had had enough. I retired to the car with the girls while the Hoos completed the shopping. We then drove down to NJ for an afternoon pool party with the Hoos' second cousins. Despite really cruddy weather, we had a good time and LP especially enjoyed the family guinea pig. She keeps telling us "Bunny came out of cage!" She was very impressed.

Next weekend is also chock-a-block. We have Dee's naming on Saturday. All seven of my nieces and nephews will be in attendance, including our two nieces from California and my grandparents from Florida. Sunday is our 6th wedding anniversary and also my cousin's wedding on LI. We will spend that evening at a hotel on the Island (my brother and his family are taking over my parents house and even with three bathrooms, four kids under 5 and six adults might be a little much) so we can visit more with my brother and grandparents as well as my cousin and his family from Oregon.

I guess the theme of August is "family". And this post is loads better than me complaining about day care. Tomorrow I will download how pissed I am about Dee's day care situation...

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KiKi said...

Mommy needs a nap.

I got tired just reading about it.
Have a great time on Saturday!