Wednesday, August 13, 2008

T-Minus a Few Weeks

It is only a few short weeks until I return back to work. All along I have been saying to anyone who asked, "It will be easier this time. LP started day care at 3 months and look how wonderfully she is doing." I am now ready to admit that I am absolutely lying through my teeth.

Yes, I am looking forward to going back to work, but no, I am not looking forward to being away from my sweet, little Dee. She is such a beautiful, well-tempered, scrumptious little angel and I will undoubtedly hate having her at day care and me in the office. Granted I will be home with her two days a week (not including the weekend), but I can't help but think that creating a cozy little spot for her in my cube might be a better alternative.

Granted, I am better prepared for her to start day care than I was for LP. I have been pumping a couple of times once a week for my entire maternity leave a month so I should be less stressed about lactation. I also have lots of extra clothes, sheets and blankets to send to school.

Just because I have the stuff does not mean I am prepared to actually USE it. I have been attempting to go through the bins of LP's clothes that I stored away anticipating potentially having another daughter, but I did not anticipate actually needing easy access to the clothing. They are stored haphazardly, 18 month clothes mixed with newborn stuff and summer combined with winter. And did I mention LP skipped the 3 month size completely meaning Dee will be wearing too-big clothes for a while?

I am off to enjoy more time with my munchkin...soaking it up.

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Tiffany said...

Going back to work after being off for maternity leave it SOOO Hard!! I think it was much harder after Lily than it was with Mikayla. I really struggled with it. Now it is much better. Lily can be a great baby or a horrible baby so there are many Monday mornings that I am ready to leave the house!