Monday, August 25, 2008

Update: Orientation

LP and I brought Dee to her orientation today. She looked so small. Especially since the two boys in her class are huge. Thomas was no train - he was more like Thomas the Tank! Adorable, but quite healthy!

Miss Louise, her main teacher, seems really nice. She is an older woman with quite a bit of experience. Hopefully with Dee being such a good girl she won't be ignored and will be given lots of love and attention.

A half hour after arriving, the three of us were off to the playground to reward LP for being such a good helper. Dee snoozed and LP and I surveyed the empty playground. I was on the phone with the Hoos and said, "I think there are mice on the playground! Seriously there are brown things moving around!" Turns out, they were newly hatched baby turtles from the pond in he woods behind the school. The teachers that came out shortly after us ended up collecting at least 8 turtles to return to their habitat.

Now we have to pass the rest of the day without any more excitement. Here's hoping!

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