Friday, August 8, 2008


I am going to bounce all over with this post, since I don't have much to say about any one topic but lots of little tidbits.
  1. Groceries. Good lord the price has gone up! Granted, I have only been shopping one day a week instead of two, but my bill has gone up 20%! And I am buying the same things. And this does not even include diapers!
  2. Diapers. my house is being taken over by boxes of them. Target had size 2 Pampers on clearance for $19.00 normally $27.99. I have no idea why, maybe they are changing the box sizes? Anyway, I stocked up. Dee will be wearing that size soon enough.
  3. Day Care Complaint of the Month. LP HAS SENSITIVE SKIN! Do not make me take her to the doctor again and spend $25 to determine that she has prickly heat! When will they learn?
  4. Rain! Last night was the Hoos' firm's family outing at Holiday Hill in Cheshire, CT. If it wasn't raining we would have really enjoyed it. LP got to see a pony, made some sand art, and got a balloon animal from a clown. She was scared of the pony but held up amazingly well against the creepy clowns. The balloon dog lasted about two minutes before reverting back to a blown-up condom.
  5. We are a distraction. Wednesday I took Dee to my office to show her off. It was nice to see everyone again, and it is always pleasant to have people tell you that your child is cute.

Otherwise, life is good. A few more weeks of maternity leave and then I re-enter the working world. Things apparently have been a bit wacky at work lately, so I am glad I have a job to go back to; plus I am hopeful that I can work with my team to improve firmwide morale. The morale at the house has been great though!

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