Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Somethings Gotta Give

What have you given up in order to have it all?

I have/had been working on my MBA at UCONN-Stamford. I started in the Fall of 2004 and have taken a couple of classes every semester. A whopping 19 classes are required to graduate - I have taken about 9. Most classes are from 7-10pm on weeknights. Since I had LP: 1. Work stopped paying for the classes since I am not an FTE. 2. I can't take the evening class because my husband would have to be home by 6 one night a week every week and that ain't happening. Last semester I took an online course, which worked out fine, but there are no online courses this semester and so essentially, I have put my MBA on hold.

I am not really upset about putting school on the back burner (honestly!) but it does reinforce how difficult it is to try to balance the full plate of life.

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kim said...

I have thought about going back to school for my MBA. Since I had Courtney in August 2005, I have come to realize that there are only so many things that one an get done in a day. You must prioritize. I am a list person. If I get half of the things crossed off my list by the end of the weekend I am pleased. I know that I can't do everything, as much as I try to and would like to. I love my time with her. It makes me remember that family is the most important thing.