Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's All Relative

Obviously having a child changes you forever. You are a parent for better or for worse but definitely for the long haul. You can't stay up late like you used to, run out of the house without at least one extra bag or travel for work with a day's notice. Will it be like this forever?

There is an interesting discussion on another blog, Working Moms Against Guilt, that asks if it gets any easier. The simple stuff has already gotten easier. It continues to get easier as I learn to better understand my daughter's cues, as she learns to communicate, as she figures out how to use a sippy cup and pick up finger food. However, even as I gain confidence in my mothering skills, I still question my decisions. And not only the small decisions (did I cut the avocado too big? is she constipated - is it time for some prune juice?) but the big decisions (when to have another child, buy a bigger house, reevaluate day care, stop nursing). Does this questioning ever go away? Or do you get to the point where you just go with the flow?

There is always something new to worry about, some new challenge to overcome. Like I said, motherhood is for the long-haul, thank goodness I have a fantastic co-pilot and a gorgeous giggly passenger, otherwise I think my head might explode.

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charlene said...

A comment you made at WMAG inspired a post for me at JobMom. Hope you don't put your goals on the backburner forever:)