Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An Introduction

Frustrated by the lack of resources for working moms in CT, I made a plea on craigslist looking for other women in the same situation. I have been thrilled with the response - well, by the fact that I got any response at all really.

It seems to me that most of the support groups and activities for infants are for stay at home moms. Believe me, I know I would need a lot of support if I stayed at home f/t but it would be nice to have some options for moms like myself that like to think we can have it all.

Anyway, I am a first-time mom with a 7.5 month old daughter, LP. She is truly the most fantastic thing that ever happened to me - and my husband would agree. Learning from her and watching her grow is just amazing. I work 30 hours a week: 3 days f/t in the office and 3 hours from home two days a week. When I am in the office, LP goes to day care at Tumblebugs. I am still nursing and plan on continuing until LP is transitioned to whole milk when she is a year old.


kim said...

Hello, I am Kim, a FTM of Courtney, who is 17 months on friday. She is my best little buddy who can make me laugh and smile, no matter how my day is going. I miss her terribly when I am here at work.

AmyBow said...

Thanks for writing Kim. I know how you feel. The focus of my whole world has changed since Lilli's arrival. And i have no regrets!

anne said...

Hi! I'm Anne, new mom to Sam, who is 2 months old. I'll be going back to work full time in March, so I'm currently savoring all the time I'm getting to spend with Sammy during my maternity leave. We've found a day care we feel good about, and I really enjoy my job, but I am sure those first few days and weeks back will be a little tough and that I'll really be missing my fabulous little guy!