Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things that Go Bump in the Night

The Hoos continues to work crazy long hours. We miss him and he misses us more.

Considering how much togetherness we have had lately, LP and AK have been very good. As expected, bedtime is the hardest time for everyone. Fortunately, we have gotten into a routine that works (for the most part).

After the girls get into their pjs in AK's room, LP retires to her bedroom to work in her writing workbook (a Chanukah present that she loves that is basically a school book teaching her how to write properly). AK turns off her bedroom light, turns on the closet light, grabs a book and joins me in her bed. When the book is done, I turn off the light, tell AK I will be back (usually never to return) and go check on LP.

Tonight as I was helping LP finish up her lesson, I thought I heard some noises from AK's room. Knowing it was too dangerous to investigate, I ignored it. Once LP was done, I turned off the light and went downstairs to make their lunches and grab my Kindle for some quiet reading in bed.

When I entered AK's room (a good 45 minutes after leaving) to check on her, I heard, "Ice cream pajamas?" Confused, I amiably turned on her closet light to retrieve the requested items. AK appeared baffled, "What you doing?" she asked, pointing to herself.

Apparently all the earlier noise was AK getting out of bed, turning on the light?, locating the ice cream pajamas, removing her tree pjs, putting them in her dresser, putting on the ice cream pjs, turning off the light, and getting back into bed!

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