Thursday, December 23, 2010

Little Things


The other night AK decided to bring about 15 million stuffed animals into bed with her. One of which was the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Dog. It is cute, but it makes noise. I was definitely concerned about her ability to actually sleep when she had such a fun distraction at her finger tips.

My concern grew while laying in bed with her because every time she sat up to get her book from the foot of the bed, the dog would say "Hug me!" and she would respond, "Just a minute, doggy," put the book back down, hug and comfort the dog, and then sit up to retrieve the book again. The dog would then say, "Hug me, again!" Apparently it is programmed to say something if you leave it alone for too long - just like a real, live toddler! Anyway, after repeating this inefficient process for longer than I would have preferred, I remembered to turn the dog off. Good, mommy! {pat, pat}

The Hoos

Last night the Hoos called at 6:15 to say he had just sent something out and would be leaving the office in 15 minutes. When he walked in the door at 9, I was disappointed. Yes, I have been handling the girls on my own for a month and I really don't mind it. But he had gotten my hopes up (I even made dinner for the first time in weeks) and I was irritated. It wasn't his fault, but, well, I am ready to have him back.


On Tuesday LP asked me if it was winter. I assured her that, yes, it was the first day of winter and my brother's birthday to boot. "Yippeee!" I hadn't really expected that response, so I asked why she was so excited. "Because winter is Christmas. And I love Christmas."

She then hung dirty socks to our coffee table with tape. And wrapped up some books and toys and put a card on it, addressed to her sister and signed with love.

Just when I started to get concerned that Christmas envy was going to be a problem - she announced, "This is a present for AK's birthday!" She then sang Happy Birthday, and handed her super excited little sibling the gift.


Wenderina said...

Did you hear the made up Christmas jokes on NPR's This American Life? There was one I know you would have appreciated about a Christmas Tree and a Menorah. Soon they'll be old enough to understand the differences. My nieces are now fully ensconced in enjoying their chosen Jewish heritage and patronizing the rest of the family who still follow our own childhood christian calendars.

Wenderina said...

Oh and tell the Hoos he has to take a clue from me. I'm not allowed to call until I'm in the car with it started. And I am required to disclose if I am stopping at gas station or store on the way home. Too many times I've called from my desk with "one more email and I'm leaving" and two hours later....