Friday, December 3, 2010

Parent Teacher Conferences

Today I had brief formal meetings with both LP's and AK's teachers. They really try to emphasize that day care is a learning situation and not just glorified baby-sitting (which makes me personally feel a bit less guilty).

The family conference forms are really by the book. While they are filled out for each child, they pull phrases from a curriculum book highlighting age-appropriate developmental goals.

For example, AK, who talks up a storm, got this note: uses simple sentences and questions with three or more words. Three or more words? Pshaw!

LP's teacher elaborated a bit more on LP's form, saying both: offers play theme and scenario under the goal "To Learn About the World" and expanding under "Favorite Activities and Special Interests": She likes playing in dramatic play, coming up with themes and acting out a scenario :).

No matter what the forms say, I know my babies are learning and growing at a rapid pace. Remember when AK looked like this and LP looked like this?

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Anonymous said...

LOL... MK's had the same comment about dramatic play and scenarios ;)