Thursday, December 2, 2010

Killing Me Softly

Once again, I let the morning routine in my house get into my head.

I know logically that before I started my new job the Hoos managed to get everyone up and dressed and fed and out the door in the morning.

I just have NO IDEA HOW.

Every other Thursday is an especially difficult time. It is when our cleaning lady comes. It should be a lovely occasion, a time to celebrate the impending clean home. But it isn't.

This morning I had to attempt to remove the sheets from three beds that still had occupants. The Hoos realized it was a futile battle and got up; AK thought it was fun; LP grumbled loudly and started to scream when I removed the pillowcase.

At that point we were already 5-10 minutes behind schedule.

I finally got the girls downstairs and delivered several breakfast options for them, requiring multiple trips to and from the kitchen. I then realized the sink was full of dishes. And that the shoes I wanted to wear were missing.

After washing the dishes, I went searching for my shoes. And to grab the dirty sheets from upstairs and put them in the basement for washing. I also grabbed a bag with garbage to put it in the already overflowing garbage can at the curb before the garbage truck arrived.

In the meantime, the Hoos came downstairs, got his breakfast, and sat at the table eating quietly.

Need I say more?


A's Mom said...

Isn't your cleaning person suppose to remove/change the sheets??

Wenderina said...

THose are the days I leave a pitiful note saying, "I know the house is EXTRA messy today...sorry!" and sometimes I even through an extra $10 or $20 down with a request for extra service. What the hell, right? And as for Hoos...well...not going there.