Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Miss Independent

At four, LP is completely independent and loves to show off. At two, AK thinks she is completely independent.

For example, on Saturday I took the girls to a birthday party at Pump It Up. As soon as they opened the doors, LP was off and running with her friends. AK was a bit clingy. About an hour into the party AK found her bounce legs and climbed up a ladder to a large slide followed by her big sister. When they got to the top, LP tried to convince AK to go down with her. AK was not enthused, but LP was not to be deterred - she just started down the slide and grabbed her sister's foot as she passed, dragging her along.

At the bottom, AK cried and I figured she was done with the slide for the duration. Instead she stopped crying, pulled herself up and returned to the ladder. Apparently it was not the slide that made her cry, but her sister. I stood in awe with a few other parents as my little peanut tumbled down the slide three or four times, determined to show that she didn't need help to have fun.

Later on in the weekend when my mother-in-law asked AK how old she was she confidently replied, "Four!" holding out five fingers.

Unfortunately independence is on the same gene as stubbornness and bossiness.

Yesterday marked AK's return to day care after a week-long absence. According to the Hoos, she was less than thrilled.

When they got to day care, she insisted they drop off LP first - a change from the normal routine. After he peeled LP off his leg they walked back down the hall to AK's class, she revealed her master plan, "Okay, [AK] home."

Nice try mini-muffin!

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