Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If You Say So

Last night as I was relaxing on the couch, a voice called out from the top of the stairs, "Mommyyyyyy. I'm scared."

I met LP at the top of the stairs with a cup of water and directed her back to bed. When I asked why she was scared she was non-committal; most likely because she couldn't think of the right words to eloquently say "I'm scared that I am missing something fun by going to bed."

I tucked her back in and tried to make a quick exit saying I had to go and take care of some stuff. "You mean the baseball game you are watching?" I am sure in writing that sounds really harsh, but it is actually comical because I WAS NOT WATCHING A BASEBALL GAME. I rarely watch baseball. And, besides, the Yankees were on the west coast and it was only 9pm so the game hadn't started.

Regardless, I nodded that yes, baseball was on my priority list and made my way out of her room. As I reached the stairs she called out, "Mommy? Are the jokers at your mom's house?"

This definitely caught my attention.


"The jokers? Are they at grandma's house?"

Now I have no idea what she is talking about. I didn't even think she knew the word "jokers". She is four, we don't play cards. And only really twisted people would use the word "jokers" in place of "clowns" in order to stimulate a fear of evil clowns without allowing a child to watch Poltergeist under the age of 10 (this may or may not have happened to me).

If anyone has a clue as to what is going on in LP's head, please advise. I am lost. Thanks in advance for your help.


nallman said...

I know WA is in the throws of a superheros v. badguys phase. Perhaps one of the little boys was playing batman v. the joker at school?

Adam said...

Maybe she is referring to her cousins?