Monday, July 26, 2010

Back from Away

We are back from our fabulous vacation in Ogunquit, Maine.

We ate ice cream and spent at least part of every day on the beach.
We went north to Portland to look for harbor seals on the wharf (no luck) and south to Portsmith, NH and ate in a great restaurant (the Portsmith Brewery) and had the trip's best ice cream (Annabelle's).

We ate lobsters, high-fived lobsters, and saw signs of them everywhere. Alas, we did not see any moose (LP's great expectation).

We flew kites, hunted for snails in the cracks of rocks near the iconic Nubble Light, and spent way too much time in traffic on Route 1.

We relaxed in our home away from home, enjoying the screened in porch for breakfast and the occasional lunch and dinner. The house was a short walk into town and the beach - although it was uphill all the way home. Not so much fun when you are pushing strollers, but it definitely made me more comfortable with how my tush looked in my bathing suit!

We learned that AK still really loves sleeping in a crib, so much so that she did not really fall asleep well on her mattress on the floor. We spent many nights driving her to sleep.

Ogunquit Beach is beautiful - powdery sand that washes away easily - and cold with a water temperature of 61 degrees. You get used to it though. Especially since I wasn't really dunking, more just walking in the surf. We also enjoyed the beaches along the Marginal Way. Horsehoe-shaped beaches between large rock formations, they cleared out when the tide was low and they were the perfect size to manage two little girls who liked digging in the sand and climbing on rocks (much to the detriment of their poor mama's heart).

A solid week of togetherness was great. But by the end of the trip the Hoos and I both confirmed that being a stay-at-home parent was not in the cards. Not that going back to work was easy, but sending the girls off to day care wasn't too bad;)


Wenderina said...

Sounds like a wonderful restorative week. Loved the pictures - especially the four of you and also you and the girls with the lighthouse in background. Looking forward to seeing you back in office Tuesday.

Tiffany said...

I have never been to main but I really want to go!