Friday, July 2, 2010

Counting Chickens

When I went to the pediatrician the other day, the Doctor told me that croup usually lasts 3-5 days and that day 3 was usually the worst. Since AK's fever had started Sunday and it was Tuesday, I figured I was in for a rough night. But AK slept through the night. "Woo-hoo! AK is so strong and resilient and that steroid is the bee's knees," I thought smugly.

I was so wrong.

Tuesday was likely DAY 1 of the croup. It was the first day she had croup-specific symptoms. That would make last night, Thursday, Day 3.

Worst. Night. Ever.

Actually, I guess I can't say ever, but my memory is short due to complete exhaustion and I have blacked out some of AK's and LP's newborn nights. But, I was up every hour on the hour. Her breathing was a little jagged, but she wasn't gasping. She was just needy. As in needing to see me three or four or five or SIX times overnight.

So, if yesterday was day 3 and if AK was up all night, today should be a really mellow day at home. "Lord, I hope I am right this time," she thinks, not smug at all.


Wenderina said...

Oh dear...poor little AK and poor mom. Hope there is some lounging in the backyard time for you both today.

Stamford Talk said...

Good luck! Sorry she has to go through this! These illnesses can be very tough, and very hard on Mom.

A's Mom said...

Oh, I hope she is feeling better.