Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mommy's Big Girl(s)

It seems that I no longer have just one big girl - I have two. AK insists that she is four and LP, well, LP IS four.

Last night LP proactively provided assistance as I attempted to pack the girls' suitcase for vacation. She ran around picking out clothes and kept wanting to shove them in the bag. I had to remind her that it was important to make sure that we had everything and in the right quantities before we started packing it away. If she had her way she would only be wearing dresses and bathing suits - undergarments were seen as unnecessary until I intervened.

AK on the other hand was busy being a general nuisance:
  • pulling my shirt up and attempting to apply the deodorant she had pilfered from my dresser;
  • pulling herself up onto the vanity in the bathroom to rescue her toothpaste from the medicine cabinet (stashed there so she couldn't get her hands on it and EAT the entire tube); and
  • climbing INTO her crib - when the rail is down, she pulls the nursing stool over from the glider still in her bedroom, puts her feet on the mattress and them dives headfirst into the crib.

LP thought hanging out in the crib was a good idea and quickly joined AK. Fortunately I was able to impress upon both of them that they could not climb out of the crib - they had to ask me for help. LP could climb out - especially with the rail down but I don't want her giving AK any ideas. I am not ready to have both of my babies in beds. Never mind that LP was in a bed already when she was AK's age.

That being said, the vacation house we rented has several bedrooms - two of which have twin beds. My plan was to bring a bed rail and have AK sleep in a bed. I am just hoping that traipsing on the beach and eating ice cream all day will wear the girls out and they will each pass out in their respective beds without another thought. Wishful thinking? Should I just make sure there is room in the car for the pack and play?

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Robyn said...

We did the same thing with Bear when he was not yet two. At home, he was still in a crib (or a toddler bed, I can't remember now!), but on vacation, he did GREAT in a real bed. The exhaustion helped!

I hope you have a great vacation!