Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Whip It!

Last night I was on my own with my two lovely ladies. I had prepped dinner while AK napped, so there wasn't too much for me to do except play with my babies and answer random work-related phone calls and emails.

As LP occupied herself doing playdough at the kitchen table, AK was getting into a tizzy. She REALLY wanted to do playdough too. I wanted her to experience the texture and the fun that can be molding clay, but unfortunately, baby girl can't get it out of her head that playdough is not food. You would think that the neon colors would turn her off; if not the salty flavor should be a dead give-away. But, alas, she would not be deterred and would not stop trying to eat it.

So, as an alternative, I grabbed a can of whip cream and we did textural play. I may not be a good mother, but I am an awesome mommy.

AK played with it for five seconds - longer than she would play with the playdough! - before noticing that her big sister was shoveling the stuff into her mouth as fast as her little hands would go. The light bulb went on, and a new favorite activity was born.

Not pictures from yesterday, but LP from this weekend and AK from a day at a friend's pool in April - when the weather was more summer-like than it is now!


A's Mom said...

More like an excellent mommy! Sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

Don't sell yourself short (and that was not a short joke ;-) you are both a great Mother & an awesome Mommy!