Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Keeping Us Honest

The Hoos and I are not particularly religious. We observe and celebrate the major Jewish holidays and our traditions and values are defined by Judaism. We were both raised in kosher homes (two sets of dishes and silverware, kosher meat, no pork products, no mixing of milk and meat, etc.) and have always said that we would like to keep kosher "at some point," which has yet to be defined.

On Fridays I typically buy a challah and make a little nicer meal than usual and we "do" Shabbat. This involves lighting candles and saying some prayers.

We have never sat down and taught LP any of the prayers, but hearing them almost weekly for a couple of years she has picked them up and she does her best to sing and chant along with us. It is very cute.

This past Friday was a really long day. It was gray and rainy and after taking both LP and AK to the doctor for check-ups and meeting the Hoos at his office for lunch, I didn't have the time or energy to make a big meal (or to pick up a challah). Instead, I made a vegetable soup and used some leftover Italian bread to make "cheesy bread" as an accompaniment.

As the Hoos and I prepared to eat, LP screwed up her little face and asked, "Is it Shabbat?"

What could we do except pull out the candlesticks, use the heel of the bread as a makeshift challah and comply?

For those of you that saw a half post, sorry. I was distracted and posted before finishing. Long story. Maybe for tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Your description was great - I can totally picture it!