Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last of the Mohicans

Today is the Hoos' birthday. If you are counting, this is the third birthday celebration in our home in seven days. You can tell that mama is running out of steam.
  1. LP (May 28) had cupcakes and a party at the zoo for her birthday.
  2. AK (June 1) had her grandparents over for grilled steak and fish tacos and store-bought ice cream cookie sandwiches the day before her birthday and homemade blueberry muffins on her birthday.
  3. The Hoos (June 4) is getting a marble poundcake from Stew's. To be fair, he really likes this, but it is also low effort. Dinner might be ordered in.

Word on the street is that living with three Geminis is supposed to make me crazy. But, I liked having maternity leave during the summer and we got lucky. No, I didn't think the girls' birthdays would only be four days apart, but yes, I am counting on having joint birthday parties if and whenever possible.

As for the Hoos, I think he is hoping his birthday will be overshadowed by LP's and AK's. It won't mean he will stop having them, but at least he won't be reminded that he is growing older.

Happy Birthday, Hoos!

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