Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Question Everything

LP is at the point in her little life where she is constantly asking questions.

One favorite line of questioning revolves around "When you were little" as in, "Mommy, when you were little did you have accidents? When you were teeny did you used to go on the carousel? When you were little did someone read you books?" And on and on.

The other night as we played the baby animal game (what's a baby...pig? what's a baby...goat?), she mixed it up a bit, "Mommy, how do goats wipe when they poop? How do elephants wipe when they poop? How do giraffes..." Again, this went on and on, despite the fact that I told her animals don't have hands and can't and don't really wipe anyway.

She doesn't just reserve questions for me or the Hoos. She is pretty nosy, actually and will ask anyone she encounters random questions. Which scares the beejezus out of me since it makes me think of my now 11 year old niece asking my dad if he had a [boy part] when she was around LP's age. I apologize in advance.

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