Thursday, June 18, 2009

It is Green Enough, You Can Stop Now

It is pouring rain. Again. The forecast calls for rain everyday for the next week.

The Hoos told me that LP didn't want to get her hands wet this morning, so she wore her gardening gloves to school, along with her sun hat. She didn't want to wear her raincoat though, so I am not sure how this outfit worked out for her.

Fortunately, we have plans on both Saturday and Sunday, so we will not be stuck in the house trying to come up with new and interesting projects to pass the time and distract small hand from hurting each other.

I hope Mother Nature gets it out of her system before our vacation to the Cape.


Wenderina said...

I had the same thought (ergo my blog entry today)..rain rain go away.

A's Mom said...

Ditto here, too. I am so sick of the rain. This year, even my plants are sick of the rain. Seems as though they don't like all this extra rain either.

And not to mention it's totally throwing LMA for a loop in his attitude as well.

Rain, rain go away!