Thursday, June 11, 2009


In our house, a lot of life revolves around food. Who wants what snack, who is going to want what for dinner, you know, typical obsessive-compulsive food disorder. What I didn't realize is that AK has already become accustomed to this lifestyle.

The other day we were in Whole Foods and I grabbed a bag of Veggie Straws to put in the cart as a "special snack."*

As I put the bag in the cart, AK started freaking out. She was no longer content with the Cheerios her sister was doling out from a baggie she had found in my pocketbook.
She is ONE YEAR OLD, has had veggie straws maybe three times in her life and yet SHE RECOGNIZED THE BAG and became insistent, to the point of annoying the entire store, that she needed a veggie straw right now.

LP was no help. She was excited at the prospect of me having to open the bag of veggie straws in the store, knowing that once open there was no going back and both she and her sister would be able to happily munch away. In fact, to speed the process, she started to casually dump Cheerios on to the floor one at a time in a way that she thought was secretive.

Yesterday, AK's daily sheet said, "Please consider sending different snacks for AK. She is no longer content with the [school provided] Cheerios and throws them on the floor."
*"Special snacks" are a mommy's best friend. Basically, they are a form of bribery, "LP if you are a good girl, what special snack do you want me to put in your lunch box?" If she isn't being good, we can threaten to remove the special snack and we usually end up with a much more agreeable child.


Billie said...

We have other bribes that work too... like park, pool and library visits!

Sometimes I wonder if I am doing something wrong by resorting to bribery. If I had a better handle on being a mommy would I have to?

A's Mom said...

Apparently I need to find these veggie straws.... what and where are they??

LMA has started to get picky about his foods. Out of the blue stopped liking grapes, pears, and watermelon. Still hard to get him to eat ice cream and popsicles. Weird child.