Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Yesterday was supposed to be "Summer Fun Day" for LP's class. We were requested to send in a bathing suit and towel for water play as well as a lunch that did not requiring heating since they would be eating outside.

From what I can ascertain they did have "Summer Fun Day" but I am not sure what it entailed since the weather was less than ideal. I know that they did not end up having water play.

I also know that when I picked LP up yesterday she was only wearing her bathing suit and Minnie Mouse Crocs. Since the "Summer Fun" activities were supposed to occur in the morning, I do not know if LP wore her bathing suit all day, or just put it on special for me.

I also know that as soon as she saw me she started taking it off. She pulled the top on and then told me that, "Not everyone wants to see my boobies," and ran to get her clothes to change back into.

I am in so much trouble.


Anonymous said...

So I'm not the only one?! MK came home in her shirt and bathing suit bottoms (I sent a tankini in with her). I asked about water play, but didn't get a clear answer. Today IS a nice day... who knows what she'll come home in today!

Anonymous said...

Not the only ones! LP was definitely in the swimsuit all day, she was in in when I picked up JM & he came home in his too. He also requested to wear it today, but I told him it was in the wash!