Monday, February 27, 2012

You Are What You Wear

When I was a kid, I LOVED Punky Brewster. Soleil Moon Frye was my idol. She was spunky! She had brown pigtails! She wore crazy outfits!

I was spunky! I had brown hair - frequently worn in pigtails! But my mom dressed me (at least for a few years).

My kids have made up for any lack of clothing spunk I may have displayed.

A couple of years ago, LP went through this kick where she would only wear dresses. And her favorite dress was dark blue with light blue flowers. And she loved to wear it with these crazy purple tights with orange and green stripes. I wish I had a picture.

AK has apparently caught this disease. Today she wore a brown velour dress with pink and light blue polka dots with light blue blue tights with navy and green stripes. I will still try to get a picture.

I try to point out to people that my kids dress themselves. I try to say it casually, like I am not explaining away the obvious, "After waking up AK, I go downstairs while she dressed herself..." but I know people see through my rationalization.

While LP no longer wears dresses very often, she still dresses herself. Which is why she wore a Yankees cheerleader outfit for her kindergarten pictures.

I have decided that I must pick my battles. What the kids where is not a big deal to me. Are they dressed? Is it weather appropriate? Cool. Will this change when they are teenagers and try to leave the house with their coolies sticking out? ABSOLUTELY!

Speaking of which, I was talking to a friend last night about clothing trends. If you remember Punky Brewster, you are likely about my age. If you are about my age you remember that when we were in high school we wore over-sized sweatshirts and flannel shirts, etc. (see right from my senior year in high school). What are the chances that will be back in style when my girls are in high school? Can we all start praying now?


Wenderina said...

hey - just catching up on like 10 posts that I haven't been here to see. As you can tell - I haven't blogged myself since January 1, so no wonder I haven't been here stalking you. Great posts and I feel all caught up...laughed my way through several posts, especially the "tap here" confusion. We recently had the opposite effect. Since both getting iPads we have become total touch screen functional. And eventually, what happens is, you reach for your computer screen and wonder why when you "tap here" it doesn't do anything. Watch out for that time...which will come.

A's Mom said...

If I'm not mistaken, plaid is already out on the shelves for the spring fashion. Sorry. Next thing you know, they'll have charm necklaces again.