Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top 5 Signs I'm Getting Old

I was going to call this post "The Tipping Point" but then I realized that I already used that title about 5 years ago. Which just reinforces the new and improved title.
  1. Our synagogue is interviewing for a new rabbi. Both of the leading candidates coming in to mingle with the congregation are younger than me,
  2. I volunteered at LP's kindergarten Valentine's Day party. It was really nice and the kids enjoyed the mini-cupcakes she helped me make. One of them called me "Mrs. Bow."
  3. LP's teacher is younger than me. She is awesome and all of the kids totally respect her. And she wears her hair in cool wrapped braids. I can't even make a decent French braid in LP's thick, glorious hair.
  4. Yesterday I was trying to transfer contacts from my BBerry to the my new trial phone (which now has Internet and phone capabilities, by the way). I followed the instructions closely, putting the 'Berry on Bluetooth mode, making it "discoverable"...then I got to screen on the Lumia that said "Tap to connect to BlackBerry 9650". And I was confused. I literally tried to bang the phones together. Then I Googled the term. Finally, I actually touched the Lumia screen where it said that...and it worked.
  5. I went to the JCC pool with the girls and my 13-year old niece. The lifeguard knows us and has seen all four of us at the pool before. He asked me if my niece was also my daughter. When I explained our relationship, he said, "I was going to say, 'Wow! You look good for your age' if she was your daughter."


nallman said...

Lol #4!

A's Mom said...

That's too funny. Although there is an app out there that allows you to "bump" two phone together to share info.