Saturday, February 11, 2012

Could it be Love?

My Nokia Lumia 710 arrived yesterday. LP helped me put it together and get it plugged in for charging. She then followed me around the house asking when she could play Angry Birds.

Once I figured out that I could just use wi-fi to get it going (instead of activating it with a new T-Mobile account), the fun started. This also happened to coincide with the girls going to bed. Which certainly made it easier. While I sat at the computer, downloading Zune so that I could update the phone and add apps through our PC instead of trying to search on the phone itself, the Hoos grumbled from the couch.

As I clicked and dragged, pinning apps and people and email accounts to my start screen, he surfed the channels, watching several shows at once.

When I exclaimed, "Oh! This is cool!" or "The girls are going to love this," he rolled his eyes at me. Although he did say, "It is small, not as big as the iPhone." Apparently the iPhone is big to him.

And when I sat down next to him with my loaded up, fully charged "toy," he glanced at it, and returned to Gold Rush. But then, this morning, when LP climbed into bed with him, holding the new phone, he raised an eyebrow. And, when she started sharing strategy tips and showing him how to actually PLAY Angry Birds, I saw a glimmer.

And, a few minutes later, when he said to LP, "Okay, one more shot and then it is Daddy's turn..." I knew he was hooked.

And we have had the phone less than 24 hours.

More to come. Maybe even posted from the new phone - if I can get LP and the Hoos to share.

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