Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane

Today I came home from work (about an hour after I got there) to hang out with my baby schmoopy. It appears that AK has a cold, which is causing her nose to run, which forces her to wipe it, which leaves her looking like Rudolph. All be it a very, very cute Rudolph.

So, while I work from home (WFH) in the dining room, she is learning to navigate the world wide web. I left her in her comfy clothes, with some snacks, juice, and a box of tissues dressing up Disney princesses, and now she is watching full episodes of Little Einsteins on the computer. Still innocuous, but I  honestly have no idea how she got from A to B or how many stops she made in between.

All of this makes me realize that by the time they are 10, both of the girls will have far-surpassed my knowledge of technology. I didn't even understand Napster - and that was around when I was in college! I was excited a few months ago when someone taught me how to turn YouTube music videos into mp3's that I could listen to on my Blackberry. And even then I only downloaded Taylor Swift songs for LP!

Which reminds me...they have ALREADY passed me in terms of their knowledge of current pop culture. And so far, since they have avoided "Bieber Fever," they appear to have okay taste. If you don't include AK's love of old Scooby Doo cartoons and LP's interest in "Good Luck, Charlie." Okay, maybe we have to work on taste...

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A's Mom said...

Wait! You can turn music videos into MP3s?? Sweet! Oh, mean, "I knew that."