Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Watch Out Angry Birds!

The Hoos and I are far from early adopters when it comes to technology.

The first DVD player we had was a wedding gift in 2002 - approximately 10 years after they become popular.  We still have it. And a bunch of old VHS tapes.

We lugged tube-TVs from apartment to apartment, house to house, just getting our first flat screen this past fall after our movers unceremoniously crushed our old 50 pound TV - making it not only unusable, but unrecognizable.

In the Fall of 2010 we finally upgraded to cell phones that did more than send and receive calls. I got a Blackberry - already an old technology - and the Hoos got a phone with texting (but no data) capabilities. We even got an unlimited texting plan. For us, this was huge.

Yes, even though Droids were coming on strong in 2010, I chose the Bberry. I was intimidated by the whole touch screen thing. I also remember thinking - what else would I possibly need a phone for beyond checking my email, texting and sending and receiving calls?

Of course, the world of smartphones has continued to evolve. Verizon now offers an iPhone, the Hoos' (stodgy, traditional) firm even supports the iPhone, my (3 and 5 year old!) children regularly ask if they can play "Angry Birds" on my 'Berry! For the record, they can't. They can play this super lame matching game, though.

So, when I got an email from Nokia earlier this week, asking if I would be willing to check out and review their new Nokia Lumia 710, I jumped at the chance. The Hoos and I are due for an upgrade in a couple of months and this will give us a chance to figure out if and how we would use an Internet-ready smartphone. Also, since the Lumia is Windows-based, maybe the learning curve will be less steep.

Plus, even though our old house had awesome Verizon Wireless reception, our new one doesn't, so a free three-month trial account with T-Mobile will give me a chance to check out a different carrier.

And, at the very least I can actually play Angry Birds and see what all the fuss is about.

Stay tuned. 

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