Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunday Night Dinner

When we moved to Fairfield this past summer, one of my brothers-in-law moved back to town as well.

From Budapest.


Which is a bit further away that Norwalk. If you aren't from Connecticut, you can check it out on a Google Map. Or you can just trust me.

So, now my in-laws have all three of their sons and all seven of their grandchildren living in a five mile radius. To say they are thrilled would be an understatement.

We all try to get together for dinner on Sunday nights. Some nights it is all 15 of us, but most times it is some subset. We also try to rotate so that no one is making (or buying) dinner and cleaning up after 15 people.

It makes Monday seem a little bit further away (ride the weekend as long as you can, baby!). And the kids all have a good time together. Especially my kids, the babies of the bunch, that get lots of love and attention from their older cousins. At least until AK starts spinning like a top and making everyone dizzy.

The food gets a bit repetitive. Pizza (my in-laws go to place is Maione's, coincidentally the deal from the new on the date of this post is $10 for $25 worth of food from Maione's), deli, bagels.

Fortunately, each family puts its own twist on the standard offering. And, honestly, a lot of times I don't care what I am eating as long as I am not making it! Seriously.

So, what would you make for 15 people, ranging from 3 to 70, to make sure everyone has something to eat AND you don't break the bank?

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Robyn said...

I love Sunday family dinners! I would make beef bolognese (makes pasta and meat go a long way) with garlic bread and salad. If the kids don't like the sauce, they can have just the noodles with butter and parmesean.