Monday, January 17, 2011

Holding My Breath

While I was away in Vermont:
  1. Connecticut got a monster snow storm
  2. 75% of my family got sick

Considering there are only four of us, that pretty much means that when I came home Thursday afternoon, I was the only healthy person in sight. AWE-SOME.

If only my children had shown any sign that they actually missed me, perhaps I would have been more sympathetic to their plight. Instead, LP, who spent half the day with the Hoos at his office and half with my mother-in-law thanks to her illness, was pissed. She wanted to know why I was home early, because she would have preferred to spend more time with her grandmother.

Then, when I showed up at day care AK ignored me, focusing instead on her snack. Which was primo, because daddy doesn't usually pack lunch and felt the need to cram in a few extra snacks.

To be fair, the Hoos was really happy to see me. Both because he was coming down with a cold and because after a day being snowbound with the ladies he was jonesing for some adult company - or more likely adult assistance.

This weekend included a 2 hour wait at the pediatrician, middle of the night whining, Triaminic, Motrin, several boxes of tissues, a little puke and, for one of the crew, antibiotics. It also included a lot of time inside the house. Although, LP did get to go see Disney on Ice, which she enjoyed immensely.

To cap off the whole weekend extravaganza, this morning at 6:35, AK decided that she no longer wanted to wear her footy pajamas and insisted on changing both into a nightgown and into "un-d-wear."

Fortunately for all of us, my parents have a brief interlude in their travel plans and decided to trek up to CT to spend the day with the girls. This 1. avoids a potential call from day care should anyone relapse or degrade health wise and 2. offers some peace of mind that my babies are getting some extra TLC at a time when they need it.

As for me, some extra TLC will be coming on Friday when the girls spend the night at my in-laws so that the Hoos and I can go out to dinner. Too bad it is with his demanding clients that forced him to work 300 hours or so during the month of December.


A's Mom said...

Wow. Not that sounded like an awesome weekend. :( Friday won't be here fast enough for you. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Wenderina said...

Eek. Hope all will be well for you by our dinner next week (still on for Thurs?)