Monday, January 31, 2011


These days it seems like there is hardly anything to talk about besides the snow. But I will try.

The girls started their new swimming lessons this weekend. LP has taken ballet and soccer and swimming before, but this was AK's first organized activity. Knowing how much she loves the water and how difficult it was for her to watch LP during her lessons at Norwalk High a few months ago, I was super-excited to see AK get into the pool. In fact, I think I was more excited then her.

As expected she came through like a champ, floating on her back, blowing bubbles and really just being all-in-all adorable in her bathing cap and goggles.

Beyond that the snow has meant a lot of inside time - which includes lots of television and snuggling. The snuggling, I like, the television, not so much. AK can't get enough, and when we are out she often requests to go home so we can watch Kai-Lan. Oy.

LP is getting so grown up. The other day she was trying to put on a skirt with her bathing suit. The suit (pictured) has a tutu-like ruffle at the hip, making it pretty difficult to wear a skirt over it. She turned to me, exasperated and said, "Mom! This skirt is so not happening!" can you see trouble in my future with a capital T?

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Wenderina said...

That is HYSTERICAL. "so not happening"...ah the things kids pick up along the way.