Monday, January 31, 2011

You Only Hear What You Want To

As I put the girls in the car after a trip to Stew's (where else?), AK starting howling. Not crying. Howling. I asked, "AK are you being a werewolf?"

From the booster on the other side of the car, LP asks, "What is a werewolf?"

"A man...that is a wolf."


A few seconds later, "Mom? I know what a wolf with syphilis is."

Me: "A WHAT?!"

LP: "A wolf. With syphilis."

Me: "Okay. What is it?"

LP: "You know, a wolf-with-sypalus. A dinosaur."


Shortly before this conversation she also told me, "Mom. I don't need your help anymore. I can do this," in reference to circumnavigating the car to get in on "her" side.

Did I also mention that I called the local elementary school to sign up to receive the paperwork for kindergarten? Ack.

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