Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whatchu Talking Bout, Willis?

What exactly are we talking about in our house? All sort of randomness.
  • Nicknames. Any time I say to AK, "Hi Peanut!" She looks my right in the eye and responds, "I NOT a peanut! I a monkey!" More like a constant explosion of random energy!
  • Reading. For Chanukah we bought her a Kumon workbook and every night the Hoos does a few pages with her at bed time. They are getting to the end now and she is sounding out words! It is awesome. We are all crazy proud, especially the Hoos. I can't even imagine how amazing it will be when she starts REALLY reading.
  • Tuh-Vee (aka TV). This morning the girls had a school delay, so we got to see all sorts of TV shows that we have never before noticed. This included cartoons on the Spanish language channel, and In the Night Garden, which AK noted was "like Teletubbies." (aka mind-numbing and a bit creepy).
  • Worrying. Today LP told me "Teachers worry about my friends. Kids are not supposed to worry about each other. We can worry about teachers if they are hurt or something, like the other day, Miss Natalie dropped something during circle time and I turned around right away and said 'Miss Natalie! Are you okay?' and all my friends turned around like this 'WHAA!?'" Soo...guess whose kid is a busybody?
  • Sisneyworld! The girls continue to be super excited about our trip. We made a paper chain using Mickey Mouse paint sample cards we absconded with from Home Depot. I didn't feel comfortable taking more than 40 (!!, I know) so we can't start removing "links" right yet, but we needed to make it or the girls would explode.

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