Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Watching Life Whiz By

As I sit in my office watching it snow - again - I am eagerly looking forward to Spring. And then that gets me thinking about how quickly Spring will actually be here, and then Summer and then...2012!

Think I'm kidding? Just look at how my year is shaping up:
  • March - our trip to Disneyworld! The girls first time on a plane!

  • April - Start house-hunting in earnest, get our house on the market. Passover.

  • May - Weekend trip to DC? LP turns FIVE. Move?

  • June - AK turns THREE. The Hoos turns 35! My brother and his family visit from California. LP graduates from pre-school! Move?

  • July - Our summer vacation. Or move?

  • August - Brother-in-law and his family relocate to the US from overseas! My niece is Bat Mitzvahed.

  • September - LP STARTS KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!! I turn 35.

Need I go on?


A's Mom said...
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A's Mom said...

I saw that tiny print. Don't worry, I'm not looking forward to 35 either. I'll let you know how it goes in July. :)