Monday, April 28, 2008

Picking Up Speed - While Trying to Maintain My Balance

As Baby #2's (Bun, for my hip regulars) arrival draws ever closer, I am really making an effort to gain some momentum in terms of preparation.

Yesterday's big step was buying newborn-sized diapers. First, I am amazed that 80 newborn diapers fit in a shrink-wrapped package, where it takes a big old box to hold 80 or so of 23-month-old LP's size 4s. And of course the mini-size costs less. I would like to think that it means my dollar will go further, but I have a vague recollection that I will go through significantly more diapers with a newborn. In fact, I remember going through three diapers in a single change thanks to the magnificent thing known as projectile poop.

Today, LP started going to day care full time. No more Mondays and Fridays running errands with Mommy. I already feel lonely, but I know it is for the best. We are only five weeks out from Bun's due date and I really think it is important to get her started on her new routine. Better to blame Mommy and Daddy today for "having" to go to the fun place where they ply her with snacks and she gets to play in gym and make crafts, than to pinpoint the cause as her new little brother or sister, right?

I am still conflicted about sending her to day care five days a week while I am home on maternity leave, but I try to remind myself that it will most likely be in everyone's best interest. I know I felt cooped up in the weeks following LP's birth, so I can only imagine how an energetic two-year-old will feel. Especially since I am going to try to avoid taking Bun to any enclosed places until his/her first shots. While that means that walks and playground trips are still options, they are limited to the hours outside of 10-3 when the sun is hottest. Plus, since we opted not to get a double stroller, I am not even sure how I would coordinate being the lone parent on an outside excursion. I mean, I have to be faster than my current waddle, but having a baby latched on will certainly have an impact on my speed.

The next "next step" continues to be the same "next step" the Hoos and I have been wrangling with for weeks - the question of the "big girl bed." Have I crowed about how fabulous my little munchkin has been in her crib lately? Both Saturday and Sunday mornings she entertained herself in her crib for an hour before deciding it was finally time for breakfast. It is like she knows that Mommy and Daddy are not quite ready to move until after 8 on the weekends. Of course, this is making us even more reluctant to move her into a bed, because once she has more freedom, all bets are off.

And, no, don't ask me about potty training. Although I did send a portable potty seat into school with her this week. I think she likes it better than her little potty. Regardless, all she does is take off her pants and diaper, sit on it for a few seconds and announce "all done." The good news is that she at least understands the process and insists on "washy washy" to clean off her hands afterwards. Baby steps, right?


Robyn said...

Do NOT feel guilty about full time daycare. Bear's been in it since he was 4 months old and he LOVES it. He literally gets upset on the weekends when he realizes he's not going to "school"! I guess we're boring...

The decisions you're wrangling over, ones that seem like such HUGE life changes for LP, will probably go over without much noticing by her. Kids are surprisingly adaptable and as long as her mommy and daddy are there at the end of the day to love her and cuddle her (which you are) you'll all be fine!

KiKi said...

You mean she doesn't do like regular toddlers: sit on the potty for a very long time, not go, then hide in the corner and poop as soon as they have on a pullup?

Also, I second what Robyn said. You'll need that time, so better to have LP get used to it now. In fact, you're probably more put out by it than she is. And if not, she'll adjust. When Bun arrives you'll be confident it was the best decision.

Anonymous said...

Keep her in the crib as long as possible! Everyone will be happier...