Friday, April 11, 2008

All at Once

I feel like my life has been whipped into a frenzy this week. Both with positive and negative impacts.
  1. Work. I am having personnel challenges at work.
  2. LP. Yesterday LP felt pretty warm when I picked her up at day care (at the regular time). She ended up having 103 which went up to 104 half an hour later. And very unlike her, she was crying and clingy and cranky. We went to the doctor who confirmed she had a fever virus. She slept through the night (although the Hoos gave her Motrin around 1am). She had 103 when she woke up and even though it comes down with medicine it goes back up. Ibuprofen is our friend.
  3. Opportunity Knocks. A few weeks ago I blogged about a friend sending me a posting for a perfect job at her company. Yesterday I received a request to set up an interview. I am now 32.5 weeks pregnant. ACCCKKKKKKKK! And due to the aforementioned personnel-issue, I am feeling very loyal to my supportive manager. Double AAACCCKKKK!
  4. More Knocking. Last month the Washington Post parenting blog, On Parenting, posted a request for guest bloggers. I responded figuring I would be one of dozens throwing my hat in the ring and the likelihood of getting asked to write something was close to nil. Yesterday I got a very nice email saying they accepted my offer and asking for ideas. It doesn't pay but it would definitely open this little ol' blog up to a wider audience.
  5. Life. Did I mention that I am 32.5 weeks pregnant?! And the baby's room is still a mess of dresser parts and clothing stacks and spare furniture?

Did anyone notice the Virgo horoscope this week?


Lori said...

That's great about the Washington Post gig - congratulations!

Tiffany said...

If I was the one pregnant I would say you better get that room togeter!! My babies both arrived before 38 weeks!!

KiKi said...

Poor LP. I hate those fever viruses. What a PITA but yea, Motrin is da bomb.

Maybe you can share the perfect job with the people at work who are causing the "challenges" - perhaps they'll apply and get it and go away...

Leaving you with less stress and more time to blog, bake, guest blog, bake, get the baby's room together, and bake. And I'm such a good friend that I'll take care of all the baked goods so you don't have to worry about the calories.

Cuz I'm loyal like that.

Lambira said...

I hope to never experience pregnancy again. twice was enough. i have been lobbying the husband ever since The Boy was born.

That's very cool about the washington post thing. I pitched myself to the local paper here, but they seem to only want columns about gardening and reality shows... aren't you afraid people you work with are going to read your stuff and you get Dooced? just curious...