Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two Cells = One Amazing Person

What a busy weekend! With the arrival of my brother-in-law and two nieces from overseas on Friday evening, our weekend was kicked into high-gear. It was chock full of family and food and fun in addition to the million other things that typically have to get done. Last night was the first night since Thursday that LP had her regular bath time regimen!

This weekend in particular really help me to see how much LP is growing and changing:
  • Friday night she sat patiently (I can only assume) while piggytails were put into her hair at all sorts of angles by her older cousins.
  • Saturday morning she impressed the stylists in our hair salon as she sat patiently on the Hoos' lap while they trimmed her bangs. I then took her to the playground and she proceeded to follow the lead of an older boy and go down the "roller" slide head first (man, I hope they have improved those things since we were kids, I remember getting my fingers pinched!).
  • Saturday evening she sat at the Seder table for much longer than I anticipated and wowed many of my relatives by eating a hard-boiled egg with a fork. And as we left my parents' house on Long Island, she used all of her manipulation skills to try to convince my parents to let her stay over and awake, yelling out "Papa! Shopping!". As a two year old she already knows a.) that my dad is a total softie and she makes him melt every time she says "Papa!" and b.) my parents are big bargain hunters and have no problem going shopping just about anytime.
  • Sunday afternoon she enjoyed roasting (kosher for Passover) marshmallows over the Hoos' fire bowl and helping to throw sticks into the fire. She also enjoyed showing her Hungarian cousins every nook and cranny of our house, crawling up the stairs, motioning for them to follow as she yelled out "Baby's room!".
  • Sunday night she ate "steak" (aka brisket) at my sister-in-law's lovely Seder, one of the few items of meat protein she will actually let pass her lips.
  • Monday morning I had an 8:30 doctor's appointment. LP sat so wonderfully in a chair in the corner of the examination room (unfortunately eating baby junk food, but sometimes bribery is necessary) while we listened to her sibling's heart beat. She did get riled up during the HOUR it took for me to get blood drawn, but everyone has their limits.
  • Monday afternoon she had a nice visit with my parents and grandparents and then wowed me with all sorts of new vocabulary words and phrases like "no reach" and "watch kids" and "[LP] play too".
I am in awe that this beautiful, smart, amazing little toddler is the same chubby munchkin I gave birth to almost two years ago. It really is making me appreciate even more how amazing nature is. We created a little PERSON with her own personality out of two tiny cells! Wow....


KiKi said...

Glad you had a nice holiday, I would've loved seeing LP eat that egg with a fork. And you know I want to see pics of her haircut...

Manager Mom said...

I am glad you are still in the romance phase with your little. Just wait one more year, when your sweet toddler gets possessed by the Tantrum Monster, or three more years, when she perfects the hand on hip, eye roll, and sarcastic tone of voice of a teen-ager.

Or so I've heard. Of course, MY children are 100% sweetness and light, all of the time. Or maybe it's just the Wellbutrin that has me thinking that way.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Amy! Bribes or not, if your kid will sit quietly and patiently through an appointment at the OB/GYN then you have got an angel on your hands.

Chances are, however, (and there is always a however in parenting) the second one will drive you nuts! Now there's a happy thought for the weekend! Just kidding!