Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Daddy's Girl

LP doesn't look anything like the Hoos. She looks a bit more like me, but regardless, she is 100% my side of the family. At least so far. She has strawberry blond hair and blue eyes and a round face and pale skin. Of course, she is simply gorgeous.

However, looks are only part of the equation. LP's personality is much more in line with the Hoos. First, they are both Geminis. I don't really know too much about astrology, but I do know that as the "sign of the Twins" people in this category tend to have split personalities. I leave this up to your interpretation. LP is a little enigma in that she will be standing up in her crib in the morning, waiting to be taken out, groaning "Night, night!" and asking to go back to bed. Doesn't make much sense to me, if I didn't want to get up I would still have the blanket over my head, so I am attributing this to her Gemini nature.

Also, she loves being outside and playing in the dirt. I like being outside, but I am more of a black thumb. The Hoos will read gardening magazines, visit multiple garden centers, and put thought into the placement of particular plants in our yard. LP could stand outside for hours just flinging dirt all over the place and pulling up crocuses. She says "crocus!" and can also name several of the birds that visit our feeder by sight ("Cardinal! Chi-dee [chickadee]! Timice [Titmouse]!").

Last night after her bath she was excited to see the Hoos working at his fly-tying desk. In order for her to allow me to get her dressed I had to promise that she could help him when we were done. The Hoos was so thrilled that she kept yelling "More flies! More flies!" that she ended up pushing off her bedtime by 10 minutes.

I don't think there can be anything more satisfying than watching my two favorite people enjoy each other's company. Today I am content.


Stephanie said...

"I like being outside, but I am more of a black thumb."

I can soooo relate! There is not a plant out there that I can't kill. In fact, the only reason that we have any plants at all is that My Hubby is the green thumb to end all green thumbs.

I, too, love to watch my favorite people enjoy each other's company. What a sweet post.

KiKi said...

I can see the four of you now, pulling up crocuses and flinging dirt at each other. Ahhh, family.

Smirking Cat said...

I love watching the kids and their dad together. They make me laugh, and they're so sweet; I like how the kids come up to give him a kiss, and then snuggle into his arm like it's the comfiest spot in the world.