Thursday, April 10, 2008

What Would You Do?

We live in the suburbs. Our house is on the corner of two very nice leafy green streets lined with families.

The view outside my kitchen window is a street that runs along the side of the house. About twice a week a kid from up the street comes and stands opposite my kitchen window and waits. He is probably 15 or 16. After a few minutes a car drives up, same car every time, and a covert exchange is made through the car window.

We have hedges that line the side of the house that provide privacy, as do the people across the street from us, which is probably why the kids chose this spot to make their transaction: the "purchaser" is hidden from his family. Occasionally the kids see me watching them through the window. I stare them down.

Anyway, what do you recommend we do? Do we call the police and ask them to step up patrols? Do we call when we see the kid standing there waiting? We don't want to ruin any one's life or give them a permanent police record, but I don't really want my kids to see drug deals (which I think it is pretty obvious this is) .


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! Leave it to the teens! I would totally call the police, tell them what's going on and give them a heads up to step up patrols on a regular basis. If you wait to call them until it's happening and the kid has seen you watching before... well, you never know when kids will retaliate!

I hate stuff like that.

DaisyJo_Mom said...

I would call the police too. You may think that you are ruining their life - but in reality you are probably helping them. Good luck.

Robyn said...

I (or my husband) would go tell the kid the next time you see him out there, that if you EVER see him out there again, you're calling the cops.

Even though my gut reaction is to call the cops, you're right, it could ruin his life and maybe if he knows that an adult DOES KNOW what's going on, he'll stop. Or at least change locations.

Anonymous said...

I found you through Steph and Kiki.

I agree with themommykelly and daisyjo_mom, especially the part about being careful and not calling while it is happening.

Just my two cents :)

Lori said...

I would absolutely call the police. Not to scare you, but today's seemingly harmless drug deal could turn into tomorrow's nightmare. Don't let it escalate any further. You won't ruin anyone's life and in fact the police won't even be able to do anything unless the kids are caught in the act, and hopefully more frequent patrols will keep them off your block altogether. Good luck!

Tiffany said...

Do you know that parents? Maybe you could mention what you have been seeing. If that does not work give the cops a call.