Friday, January 27, 2012

Must Be in the Genes

The other day we got a Valentine's Day note home from LP's kindergarten. Being hyper-efficient by nature (and really just wanting to get the cards purchased so I wouldn't forget), the following day I asked the girls if they wanted to go to Target to pick out them out.

"Mama? can we make cards instead of buying cards? We can pick out the stuff we need at Target - like glue and glitter and stickers."

Figuring that making cards would take up more time than just buying cards (considering we had about two and a half weeks until it was actually Valentine's Day), I accepted this challenge.

Although purchasing cards (at about $2 for a box of 24) is way cheaper then making cards, we were able to find some V-Day themed paper and foam hearts in the $1 bins at Target so it was not too painful.

When we arrived home - the girls immediately started making their cards. LP got to work cutting sheets of large paper into quarters (so 8 pieces of paper became 32 cards) and then making each square into a hand-cut heart.

AK spilled out a bucket of glittery foam heart stickers and began individually decorating the 14 large foam hearts she needed for her class, "Mommy, when I finished, you will write the name on the back. The one with all of the cupcakes is for Mrs. P."

So, in essence, an activity that I thought would give them something to do after school for at least 5 afternoons? Took three hours.

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A's Mom said...

Yes, but it was more fun. And that's all that matters!