Friday, January 20, 2012

A Winning Team

I am back home with my family! Yay! I had a good time in Colorado - which despite its reputation is way flatter than expected - and it was good for me professionally. So good, that I may have to travel again in the future.

I finally - FINALLY - developed some sort of rapport with my new boss. Up until this point we were awkward and just didn't really get each other. I am a direct New Yorker, he is a hippy from the San Francisco Bay Area. We just didn't have much in common. I know we respect each other, we just really didn't communicate well (or at all).

The good news is, we found a topic we could both rally around. The bad news - it was football. From my perspective this isn't bad news because I was born with good taste in football - GO BIG BLUE. Unfortunately, her is a 49ers fan. And, the 49ers and Giants are playing in the NFC Championship game this weekend.

So, depending on how the NY Giants play this weekend, we may be back to being not such good friends. Although I will be on the receiving end of $125 worth of gift cards (don't ask how we came up with that wager).

Any ideas from the peanut gallery on how to survive this? It is too late to rescind the bet and it is not an option to not back the Giants.

A friendly sponsor, Frito-Lay, offered up the idea of sending him some of their Scoops so he can console himself with snacks after the Giants trounce the 49ers. They will even throw in a set of "touchdown bowls". Fortunately (for a lot of reasons), my boss doesn't read this blog - but you do! Give me some good advice by the time the Giants' game kicks off on Sunday and Frito-Lay will send one lucky reader a bag of Scoops and the bowls to serve up healthy dips.

If you win, I won't even make you send them to my boss. He can like Frito-Lay on their Facebook fan page to win his own set. Then again, maybe a 49ers fan doesn't deserve consolation after all. Or, maybe I should send him the prize pack they are sending me for including this chance to win on the blog...

In a fortuitous coincidence, all of this is a true story: Frito-Lay contacted me about offering up the prize pack (and getting my own in exchange) at pretty much the same time I was having dinner with my new boss at Old Santa Fe in Louisville, CO. Thank you, Frito-Lay.


Shelley said...

Send him a picture of the girls in cheerleader regalia cheering for Bib Blue.

Adam said...

How about a tie-dye GIants NFC Champions shirt?

A's Mom said...

That is so cool that you got contacted by Frito-Lay! As for advice about the bossman, find a common "dis-like" team. There's bound to be one that you can talk about in the off season. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Take your boss out for lunch with the certs!