Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tushcapades: The Final Chapter

Remember when I used to be witty and write about my kids?

Sorry, I am distracted with toilet paper.

The photo to the right is the actual toilet paper dispenser in my upstairs bathroom. Yes, it has a radio built in. And, if you look at it closely, it says that it also used to have a phone. All I can say is that the phone wasn't there when we bought the house. And we probably should have replaced the dispenser after moving in, but, well, we wouldn't want to have to paint the whole wall since it is a big honking dispenser.
Anyhoo - note that we are using the tube-less Scott's TP. On top is the roll I removed so that I could be scientific in my review.
What can I say? The new paper does its job. The dispenser spins unhindered, which was the initial concern. Would I pay extra for this TP? No. Would I buy it if it wasn't provided free to review? Maybe - as long as the price was competitive with what I normally pay.
A's Mom, HorseloverM, DM, MLH, and nallman - your TP is on its way! Let us know what you think. Or at least show us a picture of your TP holder...


A's Mom said...

I got mine already! Can't wait to try it out. I've tried several different brands of TP and none have stood up to my Charmin Ultra Strong. So, we will see. Picture to come soon.

Anonymous said...

One night last week the FedEx truck pulled up to our house unexpectedly. As I brought in the big box, the kids gathered around. I sliced open the box to find wonderful bubble wrap and... toilet paper. Wow... that was quite a night! Thanks for the delivery. We'll load up our much less cool dispenser soon.