Friday, November 19, 2010

Tushcapades: Episode 1

Our 12 pack of Scott's Tube Free Toilet Tissue arrived today!

I have to be honest, before they contacted me to review it, I had not thought about the impact toilet paper rolls have on our nation's landfills. I have thought about the impact of lots of other things on landfills - having worked in the environmental field for quite some time - but toilet paper rolls? I figured they biodegrade at some sensible rate.

That being said, less waste still sounds like a good thing. Especially since Scott's estimates that 17 billion TP rolls are thrown out every year, the equivalent weight of one million elephants.

So far I am surprised to note that no roll appears to equate to no hole to stick your toilet paper tube holder in. LP and I figured out how to push it through and wiggle it to make it fit. We have yet to test how this works when you attempt to pull the paper off and use it.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

So with no tp rolls, how are those Brownie and Den Mothers going to do
cheappy decorations? GG

A's Mom said...

Didn't realize how much just one thing adds up to. Hopefully they are recyclable because thats where I usually put the TP rolls when they are emptied.

Stacie said...

That is a really bizarre product. I mean, yay for less landfill but of all the things to worry about that particular one had never crossed my mind.