Friday, November 12, 2010

I Know, I Know

I have been so crazy busy at work - traveling weekly to beautiful Providence, RI, running numbers, strategic planning - that I have neglected you, my poor readers. Rest assured, I am still here. Life goes on. The girls are still very, very silly and incredibly adorable - most of the time.

AK is loving the big girl bed and talking up a storm. I can even understand most of it. Her new favorite word is 'actually.' As in, "Mommy, you read this. No wait! Actually, I will read it."

LP is growing so quickly. She is wicked smart and she is learning how to write and read! Over the weekend she had to create a poster for school that was all about her. She was able to be as creative as she wanted - using any medium at her disposal. She decided to mostly write in things. For example, there was a question, "Where do you live." She had me spell out Connecticut so she could write it in. Under the part that said "When I grow up I want to be..." her answer was "butterfly girl".

I started downloading some pictures off the camera and this is one of my new favorites - from Halloween.


Robyn said...

It's going so fast, isn't it?!

It's nice to see someone else with those plastic containers holding toys in the living room! We have tons (can't wait for my basement to get finished).

Wenderina said...

There is some serious pink happening on those girls What a happy color.