Monday, November 15, 2010

A True Story

Me, on my daily phone call to my mom: "Mom, you know how you always complain I don't blog anymore? Well, soon I will have something to write about. I am getting toilet paper to review."
At this point, you would think that most moms would laugh, but you don't know Shel.
My mom: "Not the kind that doesn't have a roll?!"

Me, dumbfounded: "YES! How did you even know?"

My mom: "I read about it in the newspaper. They are only testing it in certain markets and selling it in certain places, like WalMart and Sam's Club. Dad and I were just talking about it - do you have to store it somewhere special so it doesn't smoosh? You will have to give me a roll when you get it."
This story has in no way been embellished. It is an excerpt of our exact conversation as I remember it. From a marketing perspective, my mom is the dream customer of Scott toilet tissue.

Speaking of which - anyone else want to test out this TP with me? You too can receive a 12 pack. Just leave a comment telling me who you would most likely talk to about toilet paper. Two readers will be randomly selected to get paper shipped to them.


Anonymous said...

Youpackl can't ever have too much TP

Anonymous said...

Well after a good laugh...Poppy is the
best person in the world to answer your question! GG

Mindy said...

I want some, your mom and I could have long discussions about it and my mom would chime in too...that would sure be interesting.

Tiffany said...

Sure - why not test out toliet paper but I don't get it - how does it work without a roll?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get past the part where you said daily phone call with your Mom... you talk to your Mom EVERY day?


Anonymous said...

I, too, would talk to my mom about it during our daily phone call ;)

nallman said...

I would (and do) talk to my daughter about toliet paper as she stuffs it in her mouth. Good times. Love that you talk to your Momma everyday, lucky you!

A's Mom said...

Sure, I'll test it out. Anything to get some extra TP in the house and to see if BBZ can't get to it as easily to eat it. :)

Anonymous said...

The fact that we have the same kinds of conversations in our house (and with our parents) is definitely one of the many reasons why we're friends after all of these years. Do you remember that Dave worked the concept of "Two-Ply" and it being not very green into his best man speech @ our wedding? We'd of course be willing to test drive TP.
Hugs, LN